Dialling though Skype in v2

It’s now possible to use Skype phone in SECURITHOR v2 to call customers.  If you have a Skype phone account, you can use Click to dial in Alarm Processing Windows. Operators only needs to click on phone number and SECURITHOR will dial the number directly in Skype without having to cut and paste. Fast and error free!


New features in update 2.0.3

Recently added:

-A button to append comments: You can now add to previous comments directly from the traffic page even if the alarm events was previously finalized by an operator.

-A button to print events directly from the traffic page. Can now print the up to 1000 events from the top of the traffic form. With filters in traffic you can virtually make any print list you want, fast and easy.

-Weboperator: user limited to a group of accounts only sees the number of accounts for the group.

-New notes systems. Operator gets a pop up note when he access an account with a previous reminder.

MCDI at Exposeguridad México 2015

Meet MCDI at Exposeguridad México 2015. We will be in SYSCOM stand to showcase new SECURITHOR V2 with all Web and Panic Modules. Contact MCDI Sales if you want to book a private demo session during Exposeguridad.

New MCB Mission Control Board Android app for Patrolmen/Guard will be on preview. Several receivers including new DT42 IP multi-brand receiver will be on display.

Come meet our sales staff to know more about the show specials and get a free STM module for your SECURITHOR V2.

v2 now shipping!

MCDI is proud to announce SECURITHOR V2.0 is now being distributed to customers in various countries.

During June we have started delivery of the ST1 version 2.0 including the STM Web Viewer and Web Access Module.
Look for more news on release of the Network Edition.